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Introduction to Home Safety

Introduction to Home Safety (May 21 2017)

This is an area which I have much passion, in my community works activities, I have run into many commonly neglected problems per home maintenance. This is a category which is important to our safety and well-being. The articles in this area highlight what needs to be considered, the what, and the how for each suggestion.

The importance of this idea is so great, that it elicits economic entrepreneurial activity opportunities. Who knows, that may happen also.

Areas of consideration are:

  • Self-home inspection

  • Periodic Electrical inspection

  • Fire hazard maintenance

  • Carbon Monoxide protection

  • Electrical Surge Protection

  • Repair ideas for all of the above

I hope you find this useful or want me to cover a specific area, please let me know. If you have any questions, please contact me directly or through the Doug’s World section. I can recommend products and services if you are not sure of yourself and not a DIY’er.

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