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How to Succeed in Sales | The Epilogue | Part VII

How to Succeed in Sales - Part 7 - The Epilogue (Apr 10, 2017)

I am hopeful that you found a few bites of information in the six serial posts on “How to Succeed in Sales”. You may have heard of many sales training seminars, books, and videos. This information is comprised from many of these experiences which I’ve had over the last decades, plus on the ground successes, of being an engineer and sales professional.

As you might have guessed, this is only a summary of hints and kinks around a subject that is as old as the ages. However, there are many more details that I am putting together in a creative online training session along with a local seminar series of about 3 days in any major city where I can get a quorum of participants. If interested in more information to allow you optimum success please sign in to the website and ask for further detail. Open up a discussion in the ‘Community’ section of the site.

I can also provide guidance and on the ground help, with turning a distressed business into an Optimized value for the purpose of succession and/or exit. I provide coaching anywhere in the US. Let me know, I’m here to help. Find me on my web ( , twitter (@dougfelsenthal), LinkedIn ( or facebook (dougfelsenthal).

Keep watching my posts on this website for much more information and philosophy to guide you through your personal and working life. Until then;

Success in Sales is all about the Prospect and not about You.

Be Well My Friends,



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