How to Succeed in Sales | Packaging It Up | Part V

How to Succeed in Sales – Part 5– Packaging It Up (Apr 4, 2017)

We are now to our 5th segment on How to Succeed in Sales. This has established a process, which we can follow and repeat for an efficient workflow. We have started at the beginning, got potential clients which meet our target criteria, done some research, gotten time to meet and define what the customer needs and wants with consideration to what we have in our product offering. All the while, we have kept in the back of our minds how our company fits with theirs. Keep remembering; it’s all about them and not about us. This is hard to keep on point, but stay on point. We must to provide the efficiency that we need to move forward with the minimum amount of wasted time.

All the information, for this deal, should now be known to us, if it is not, back up to the Listening section and repeat until we do. If the customer wants/needs, our companies capabilities/deliverable, do not match, don’t force it. Just move onto a company that does. There is nothing but trouble in putting a square peg in a round hole. We will just pay for it in time or worst of all, returns, in the end. With the customer needs and an idea of the problem he wants to solve, we map out a proposal(s) using all of the information gathered. Yes, there may even be more than one proposal. Therefore, focus, start with one clear proposal and if another appears, then work on it as a separate document. We will take them into ‘close’ one at a time.


Many of the sales situations, that I work on, are rather technical in nature. Don’t make things up, it’s important to be accurate. You are committing to stay with this solution until it works for the customer. If you need to include more technical people from your organization, do so now. If you find you need to go back to the Listening section before you complete the proposal, do that now also.

Remember the Listening Step Determines the Direction of Your solution

There are two selling types. These are application based, which we have been working on till now and demonstration type where we just make our product fit no matter what. We are application sales people, car salesman are the demonstration type . The application technique is the way forward in this discussion.

Application based methods generally start with a proposal that uses the word ‘Recommend’ . We recommend because we do not want to force ourselves upon our customer unless it’s a mutual understanding and/or direction.

When presenting, do not just do a data dump. It’s boring to everyone and does not provide the simplicity and clarity it takes for the customer to make a decision.

There are Five ways to compete in a sales situation

  • Value – conforming to customer expectations

  • Security of Supply – willing and able to deliver

  • Services

  • Cost – never rely or push low price – use value – price is only a relative marker of value

Superior Selling Skills – this mostly means skills in communicating

A good recommendation technique is to keep asking questions along the way ie.

  • How does this look?

  • How do you feel?

  • Does this seem like a fit for you?

At this point move into a closing posture. We have a solution, customer is willing to agree it’s a fit which will meet his objectives and wants. Now verify the pathway to getting a PO. Find out who else needs to be involved and what actions does your prospect have to take to get it. If he needs help with explaining and presenting to the appropriate people, by all means, volunteer to do it with him. You still know the solution better yourself than he does and you can be of great assistance.

People you will need to know for the final step:

  • Next level of management approval and any special concerns which there will be there

  • Purchasing workflow – who is going to handle – what are their inputs – meet and get them to know who and what you are.

The next and final step is ‘Tying it Together’. It is focusing on the last two bullets and making it happen without undue work on anyone’s part.

Let’s make it easy for all concerned.


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