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Forward (Feb 23, 2019)

This is to set the tone of this blog and expectations for the future. I’ve always wanted to get a blog going, but alas, after 50 hours a week , there just was no time left. That has changed, I have accomplished my working goals, and now there is time to express my opinions on a host of subjects. Opinions that have taken me a lifetime to build and just may be of some importance to you as well.

As an engineer with a long history of building just about everything, there is valuable information to be said on LIFE as We KNOW IT. Each week or so, I will add information in a serial form to keep everyone up to date. I will preview what’s coming by posting the topic page and then a list of ideas to come on the page itself. That will give everyone something to be in anticipation for. Also check back to what you have previously read. I can see now that there will be changes to completed work which might create a different direction or meaning. Keep reviewing. To keep things more organized, for you the reader, the articles will carry a date so you can more easily tell which ones have been updated.

At the end we will see if anyone notices ,or comes to the site, which will be the test of how important all of this is. In the event, that you see something you would like to know or explore further, drop me a note, point out my flaws, but more importantly give me the courage to continue on and I’ll give you ideas and thoughts on engineering, manufacturing, fixing things around the house, unique investing, ideas, and hobbies. Time will tell.

I have expertise in a wide variety of subjects. Some of these are:

  • Entrepreneurial Business Development and Strategic Planning

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Business Operations and Optimizing of Market Value

  • Relationship building and how to motivate

  • Precision Manufacturing - 3D Metal Printing - Precision Machining

  • Computer technologies

  • Building and carpentry

  • Electrical construction and Electronics

  • Classic Car restoration – or any machinery for that matter

  • And much, much more

Part of this project will be to see if you can get economic gain from the blog process or just clearing the soul. Your readership and enthusiasm will tell that and is appreciated.



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