January 1, 2019

Forward (Feb 23, 2019)

This is to set the tone of this blog and expectations for the future.  I’ve always wanted to get a blog going,  but alas, after 50 hours a week , there just was no time left.  That has changed,  I have accomplished my working goals,   and now there is time to express my opinions on a host of subjects.  Opinions that have taken me a lifetime to build and just may be of some importance to you as well....

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Hello & Welcome

May 29, 2017

Introduction to Restoration (May 21, 2017)

Welcome to one of my biggest passions.  That is Classic Car restoration,  maintenance, repair, and component development. 

Restoration means different things to different people.  In my case,  it is a way to experience...

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Doug Felsenthal's Coaching Blog

 I am first and foremost an Entrepreneurial Professional Engineer who loves to build things.

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